We welcome dogs on all our events (they may even get a medal), but expect them to be kept on leads near livestock and participants take full responsibilty for them on the route.


All our events are FULLY self navigated, this means we don't mark the routes. However, on rare occasions we may mark specific sections of a route due to safety reasons or a diversion.


The route description is provided as a guide and although you can follow this alone you should expect to use a map to navigate


You can use a watch or electronic GPS device to navigate the route, but you MUST carry a hard copy of the map in case the electronic device fails.


If participating as a group you can share a compass and hard copy of map between you, but you must stay together throughout the event.


Any ledgible hard copy of a map can be used, photocopies or scans are acceptable and you can use any scale of map as long as it covers the full route.


Poles are allowed on our events.


We don't provide prizes for winners of any category. Our ethos is all participants, whether they're the first or final to finish get the same treatment throughout.


We state that all runners should start with the later wave, however if you feel your running pace is particularly slow you may consider starting in the early wave. Email us if you have any concerns.

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